Advanced GNSS & Performance Based Navigation

60 Hours
Course Contents: 
  • Phases of flights, services to be provided and systems involved.  
  • Differentiate between ANS constituents & ATM components.
  • Elements & limitations of the conventional, current navigation & surveillance systems.
  • Coordinates systems, 2D, 3D Descartes coordinates systems, 2D, 3D Polar Coordinates systems, Ellipsoid reference system.  Basics of Space geometry & geometric locations
  • Geodetic systems and WGS 84
  • Map projection systems, General classes of Map projections and Selected Map Projections
  • GNSS constellations elements,  Space Segment, Control & monitor Segment and User Segment
  • International GNSS systems, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • GNSS Signals, functioning, position & time form.
  • GNSS errors mitigation & augmentation systems including ground based, space based and airborne based augmentation systems.
  • examples of Global Navigation satellite Systems Augmentations, WAAS, LAAS, MSAS, EGNOS, Others.
  • RNAV, RNP including their specifications and applications.
  • Navigation Evolution principles
  • RNAV2-RNAV1-RNAV5 en-route specifications- RNAV2-RNAV1-RNAV5-terminal-specifications RNP Approach specifications, RNP-AR-Approach specifications
  • RNAV2-RNAV1-RNAV5-BPN-infrastructure
  • RNAV-DME-DME- infrastructures and procedures.
Course Aim: 

Explain ANS concepts by focusing on the technical & operational navigation system in the field of GNSS.  Aiming at enhancing their knowledge & capabilities in defining their national and regional requirements in the field of CNS/ATM-GNSS.

Who Should Attend: 

Directors, managers, middle managers, air traffic controllers, ANS engineering & technicians from ATM, airport or aviation related to ANS organization or agencies.


Aviation background

Date Extra: 
Upon Request