ATM Contingency Plan

1 Week
Course Contents: 
  1. ATM elements and their functions and activities , their role in their field of application.
  2. understanding of contingencies Policies
  3. development understanding
  4.  ATM modes of operation.
  5. Revision and updating of existing contingencies or its development.
  6. Capability of developing Contingency Plans based on policy requirements.
  7. Functions tasks harmonization among the ATM concerned agencies and roles
  8. Identifying, exercising and implementation of the plan.
Course Aim: 

acquaint participants with up to date Air Navigation Services Contingency Planning concepts,   enhancing their knowledge and capabilities in the Contingency Plan development, testing, verification, implementation and its re-viewing in addition to resource identification, exploiting and allocation to increase safety, Security, efficiency reduce costs taking into consideration environment impact where ever possible in all modes of operations, loss of services and/or degraded mode of services, taking into consideration all probable and realistic events.

Who Should Attend: 

Directors, managers, middle managers, air traffic controllers, engineering and technicians from ATM, airport or aviation related to Air navigation services organization or agencies


Good experience in ATM, Good command of English Language is essential also to enable participants to communicate effectively in a group environment, prepare written assignments and make oral presentation.

English , Arabic
Date Extra: 
Upon Request