ATM Operational Concept and ANS Comprehensive Planning

2 Weeks
Course Contents: 

The course has been designed for the personnel in the field of ANS focusing on ATM operational concept, the program is divided into different modules designed to assist participants in acquiring the knowledge and skills pertaining to the ANS elements and services and development of implementation plans.

Course Aim: 

acquainting participants with up to date ANS concepts focusing on ATM operational concept and its elements,
enhancing knowledge, understanding & capabilities in the comprehensive plan development & implementation and re-viewing in addition to
Identification, exploiting and allocation of the available resource to increase safety, Security, efficiency and reduce costs taking into consideration environment impact where ever possible in all phases of operations.
Understanding the need for the coordination and harmonization implementation of the Global ATM Operational Concept on Regional and global basis and consequently benefits derived taking into consideration the participation of the aviation family and the ATM community members, including Regulators and the military authorities in the planning process pertaining to the Global ATM Operational Concept.

Who Should Attend: 

The course is designed for directors, managers, middle managers, air traffic controllers, engineering and technicians from ATM, airport or aviation related to Air navigation services organization or agencies.


Civil / military Aviation background

Date Extra: 
Upon Request